Gym Hours

Patch Notes 1.2

Greetings! This week’s patch notes review some major operational changes for our summer season! NEW ‘Intro to Outdoor Bouldering’ class available with Joel Harvie. Learn to manage risk, spot, and build landings! Highly recommended for all outdoor boulderers! Youth programming has ended for the school year! Program will continue only for 2 * 2 hour […]

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Patch Notes 1.1

Greetings Wallnuts Community! Just a small patch this week with a change and a few reminders: Change: Staff will now store their bikes in the storage room when on duty or when off duty climbing. Bike storage options are limited for us. We hope this measure mitigates the bike storage issue. We like when people […]

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Patch Notes 1.0

Welcome to Wallnuts’ patch notes! We know that the burden of COVID-19 restrictions on climbing at the gym has us all down. We also know that it is frustrating keeping on top of when changes happens, what the changes are, and why a change was or was not made. We are working very hard to […]

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Comp Week Hours

We have reduced hours in early January to accommodate our Youth Boulder Comp. Tuesday, Jan 8: opening late (2pm) Thursday, Jan 10: opening late (2pm) Friday, Jan 11: opening late (3:30pm) Saturday, Jan 12: closed for youth comp! Thank you for your understanding!

The Choss Boys Speak

Dan Alacoque and Erik Veitch have some good reasons as to why you should give their Thursday night sessions a try: Who are the Choss Boys? We are Daniel, David, Nick & Erik. We climb rocks. The Choss Boys (“choss” being a term for loose rock) are a group of climbers from Newfoundland known for […]

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