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Wallnuts Group Offerings

We’ve been hosting groups and events for 25 years. Whether booking an office party, kids birthday or family outing we have you covered! We include all rentals and staff for a 1.5 hour climbing session. The party room is included with Party Bookings, but not with Small Group bookings.

Small Group

Up to 8 Participants

Most affordable group/party option.

If you just want an awesome climbing session for a small group of friends, or really big family than this is for you. Lots of availability and same staffing ratio. The party room is not available during these booking slots.

Rates & Availability

Party Booking

Up to 16 Participants

Our most popular Birthday Party offering.

The perfect sized birthday event to help you keep things simple! The party deck is included for this slot which means you can grease up everyone’s fingers with pizza, but only after the 1.5 hour climb is done!

Rates & Availability