Gym Hours

Classes and Clinics

Book a class, attend a clinic, or enroll in a multi class session to level up your climbing game! Scroll down for a calendar view of all classes!

Rope Skills

You already have your basic belay certification and looking to build on those skills? Whether you’re preparing for your first outdoor trip, you want to start lead climbing, or looking to access more roped terrain in the gym then we have a class for you!

Movement Technique

Want to unlock the next grade? Perhaps you just started climbing and want to learn the basics. These classes focus on improving your climbing movement through expert instruction and climbing drills. Also check out our clinic series for movement technique topics.

Personal Training

These offerings are for those who have been climbing for a while and reached a performance plateau. Progress faster by learning what you need. Mix up your climbing sessions with an expert coach in a more focused way that builds a stronger healthier and injury free climbing body.