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Dan Alacoque and Erik Veitch have some good reasons as to why you should give their Thursday night sessions a try:

Who are the Choss Boys?

We are Daniel, David, Nick & Erik. We climb rocks.

The Choss Boys (“choss” being a term for loose rock) are a group of climbers from Newfoundland known for traveling North America and challenging iconic bigwalls, mega alpine routes, and classic multi-pitches. Our blog ( describes a few: Salathe Wall of El Capitan, Beckey-Chouinard in the Bugaboos, Direct North Ridge of Mount Stuart, East Buttress of Mount Slesse, Leaning Tower in Yosemite, and Grand Wall of the Chief in Squamish.

From left to right: Dave, Erik, Daniel & Nick

Why do we train?

Simple. We train to reach goals.

Our goals can be small (“send my gym project this month”), they can be medium-sized (“climb a new 5.11 at Flatrock this summer”), or they can be big (“climb El Capitan in a day in 2020”). Since our goals are performance-related we need to constantly improve and stay injury-free to reach them.

Why train with us?

Produce steady improvement and reduce risk of injury.

Are you a gym-goer that climbs a couple days a week and climbs whatever they feel like climbing? Have you plateaued at 5.10 and injured yourself a handful of times? The Choss Boys have learned from experience that in order to continually improve climbing skills, it takes effective and dedicated training.

Strengthen the muscles you can’t by just climbing.

The Choss Boys can help you improve your core and strengthen the stabilizers you need to control a wild foot cut or gingerly climb hard slab. We can help balance your muscles and keep injury at bay.

Together we’ve been training for climbing for over 15 years and our motto is “focus on quality not quantity” – and we think our approached has worked.

Train with the Choss Boys every Thursday from 8 to 9:30! These sessions are FREE for members but must be booked in advance at the front desk each week.

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