Gym Hours

Our camps are better!Our camps are better!

Small groups with high coach to climber ratios

What's important?What’s important?

Spending time inside and out with new friends!

Learning is growingLearning is growing

Taking responsibility, respecting outdoor spaces and following rules.

Challenge yourselfChallenge yourself

Test your balance, coordination and focus while building functional strength


Individual attention on every climb from highly qualified staff

Summer Camp Priority Registration Page

Priority Registration March 18th to 25th

Priority Registration is ONLY open to participants enrolled in this years 2021-2022 youth program. Family members of eligible participants are NOT eligible for Priority Registration if they themselves were not participants. Registration will be open to the public on March 25th. Any bookings made for ineligible participants during the priority period will be immediately cancelled. Payment will be retained until public registration opens, when you will need to call the gym to confirm your registration, provided that spaces remain available. If no spaces remain in your chosen group once public registration opens, your payment can be refunded by cheque minus a $30 admin fee, or we can give you a gift card with a balance equal to the full amount.

Trust and Teamwork

Learning to climb provides youth with the opportunity to grow within a fun, social environment. Not only does it get youth physically active, it also teaches youth to trust the coaches and thier peers who spot, hold ropes, and build anchors for them. 

Although climbing is primarily an “individual” sport, it still requires a healthy amount of teamwork. It fosters strong communication skills and challenges each climber differently, which can help teach youth to respect personal differences. 

Strength and Decision Making Skills

Rock climbing builds strength, body awareness, and self-esteem. Climbing is more than fun. It empowers youth with a sense of accomplishment, helps them learn new skills, and is a great way to connect with the natural environment.

Our climbing camps allow youth to go beyond their limits, push forward when they’re scared, and uncover their own physical and emotional strength. Every time a climber takes to the wall, they’ll make countless critical decisions. This will help them develop the skills to manage tough and quick decision making in the real world.

Respect and Responsibility

During our summer day camps, we actively teach respect within the facility and encourage youth to be responsible for their spaces and personal belongings. 

Our outdoor climbing areas also offer youth a chance to visit important spaces within the climbing community. These sites are also near popular hiking trails, residential areas, and private property. As a result, we strongly express the importance of our “Leave no Trace” principle. This principle applies to everything from tidying the snack area to staying on trail when we are hiking as a group. 

For many youth, climbing is their first exposure to structured outdoor recreation. These lessons are very likely the ones kids will carry with them far beyond their time at camp.

More Information?

If you have any questions about our weekly schedule, or would like more information on our camps, please call us, or email us at !

NOTE: If the week you selected does not currently have any dates available, then all slots are filled. Please contact us by phone or email if you would like to be added to the waitlist for these weeks.