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Greetings! This week’s patch notes review some major operational changes for our summer season!

  • NEW ‘Intro to Outdoor Bouldering’ class available with Joel Harvie. Learn to manage risk, spot, and build landings! Highly recommended for all outdoor boulderers!
  • Youth programming has ended for the school year! Program will continue only for 2 * 2 hour sessions a week on Tuesday and Thursday for some of our teenage climbers.
  • Summer camp starts next week! Camp will run Monday-Thursday from 9am-2pm throughout the summer.
  • BIG CHANGES TO OUR HOURS! Exact information can also be found on our updated hours page. A summary of the changes is as follows:
    • Monday/Wednesday: Open hours from 2:30pm-10pm (no booking required)
    • Tuesday/Thursday: Bookings from 2:15pm-10pm
    • Friday: Open hours from 3:30pm-8pm (no booking required)
    • Saturday: Open hours from 12pm-8pm (no booking required)
    • Sunday: CLOSED
    • Reduced summer traffic, continuing public health guidelines, changes to youth programming, summer camp, and the feedback from the survey are the main considerations for these changes.
    • We believe that open bookings can work better now that traffic is down, and because the youth program isn’t running, which forced the previous open sessions to start at the busy time of day. While gym hours are reduced, this should make for easier and more fluid session planning for our members.
    • Closing on Sundays is a new approach to the summer operations for us. Traffic is generally very low due to travel (especially this year) and many of our members are climbing outside on the weekend. This approach is a way for us to stay alive financially after a hard year, as well as enable our staff to climb/adventure outside on Sundays!
    • To balance this out closure, we have decided to reduce our full day guiding rate for active members on Sundays in July and August to a savagely low price of $29.95, A.K.A. “Members Day Out”.

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