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Greetings Wallnuts Community!

Just a small patch this week with a change and a few reminders:

  • Change: Staff will now store their bikes in the storage room when on duty or when off duty climbing.
    • Bike storage options are limited for us. We hope this measure mitigates the bike storage issue. We like when people ride here!
  • Reminder: We cannot let you in early for open times, even just to queue.
    • Yesterday I (Joel) let people in (to form a queue, not to check-in) before the scheduled open time began at 5:30. I did this because it was raining and it felt awkward to not let people in, but this was a mistake. The gym hit capacity at 5:30 and two people were waitlisted.
    • Please stay outside prior to entering the facility for an open time slot.
  • Reminder: Please do not sit in the climbing area. Sitting takes up more space and reduces the mobility frequently necessary for social-distancing.
  • Reminder: You must cancel your booking if you cannot make it in, and we need you to cancel with as much notice as possible.
    • Cancellation can happen through the booking widget on RGPRO connect, on the website (if you have a booking profile), or by calling the gym directly (instagram/facebook messaging is not preferred as not all staff have access to promptly respond).
    • No-shows take up space which is always in high demand. Failure to cancel or cancelling close to the booking time results in an inability to book another customer for this space.
    • We do not wish to create a penalty for no-shows, and we understand sometimes stuff comes up… but other gyms in the industry using similar booking systems during COVID have had to implement penalties to combat high no-show rates. As we continue to monitor no-shows through tools in our booking software, we are observing an unfortunate increase and hope we can all work together to mitigate the issue organically.

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