Membership Options

Individual Memberships Price
Individual EFT* $63.00/month
(Automatic payment, $75 start-up fee)
Individual EFT (Early-In)** $47.25/month
(Automatic payment, $75 start-up fee)
Individual Prepaid Month $80.00/month
Individual Prepaid Annual $660.00/year
Individual Rentals $30/month

* With valid student ID, get free rentals with your EFT membership and 50% off your start-up fee!
**Early-in members must check in prior to 5:30pm or pay a late check in fee of $8.50. All other benefits and conditions of EFT memberships apply.

Family Memberships Price
Family EFT (First 2 members) $114.00/month
(Automatic payment, 3 month commitment, $125 start-up fee)
Family Prepaid Month $143.00/month
Family Prepaid Annual $1169.00/month
Additional Family Members 

$28.00/month (EFT and Prepaid)

$220/year (Prepaid)


Members Discounts

  • Bring your friends in for FREE. 
    (Covers day pass and harness/shoe rentals. Guest must be a first-time customer. Limit one guest per member per day.)
  • Bonuses for referring new members to us.
    (Monthly billed members get 50% off their next month.)
  • 10% Discount on retail gear.
  • 10% discount on safety courses.
  • 10% discount on technique courses.
  • 25% discount on Climb n Prime bookings.
  • 25% discount on all outdoor guided trips.
  • EFT members have a Wallnuts tab. 
    (Limit $50 - any unpaid amount will be billed with your membership on the 15th of each month.)
  • Access to member's events! (See our Facebook page for details on upcoming events)