Gym Hours

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Rates & Prices

Single Visit

Equipment Rentals


Single Visit $16.50

10 Visits $145.00

Youth/Student Bundle*

Single Visit + Rentals $20.00

  *Available to those aged 12 to 18 or with a valid student ID.

Under 12 Bundles

Single Visit + Rentals $13.00

10 Visits + Rentals $115.00

Single Visit

Harness $3.52

Climbing Shoes $5.00

Chalk Bag $1.52

Full Rentals Bundle $7.00


10 Full Rentals Pass $55.00

Single Visit

A Single Visit includes access to the Wallnuts facility. Does not include rental equipment unless specified in package. Staff are only available for entry orientation.

Bundles include harness shoe and chalk rentals. All prices subject to any applicable sales tax. Wallnuts Inc. reserves the right to change prices without notice.