Learn to Climb

First time in? Take our "Learn to Climb" course to learn the basics of rope management and gym usage. With a FREE 10-day membership added on, this is the best option when you're new to the sport!


Advanced Belay Course

Been climbing for a while and want to take the next step? Our "Advanced Belay Course" gives you more options when climbing in the gym, and is your first step to climbing outside on real rock! 

(Basic Belay certification is a prerequisite for this course.)


Learn to Lead

Top rope climbing just not cutting it for you anymore? Take our "Learn to Lead" course to test your skills on the sharp end and get the most out of your climbing time.

(Basic and Advanced Belay certifications are prerequisites for this course.)


Learn to Rock

Ready to transition to climbing outdoors? We have you covered with our "Learn to Rock" courses. With instruction from a certified climbing guide, these courses will have you climbing outdoors in no time.

(Basic and Advanced Belay certifications are prerequisites for these courses. Lead certification is required for Learn to Rock 4)