Junior Program

Our Junior Program runs through the school year for youth ages 7-13, and year round for youth ages 14-18. Our curriculum is designed in accordance with Sport Canada's Sport For Life (S4L) and Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programs. We focus on building physical literacy through movement based activities in a fun and safe environment. 
We base our program on creating a fun and engaging learning environment, while covering all the necessary risk management to make climbing as safe as it is fun!

For information on the Children's Fitness Tax Credit, visit the CRA website here.

A youth climber’s category is determined by their age on December 31 of the year that the Program starts. (e.g. A climber born any time in 2002 would be 14 by December 31 and therefore in 14+/Advanced Stream for the 2016-2017 season.)