Corporate Teambuilding


Corporate Team-building Seminar Information

The activities we run are simple and fun, yet all involve teamwork and leadership skills that can be applied in the workplace. We are able to tailor our seminars to fit your specific needs at no additional cost - if you want us to specialise in one aspect or emphasis certain things, we can easily accommodate your request.

Our instructors are experienced and patient. They have a passion for climbing and a natural ability to impart their knowledge. Facilitators have varied backgrounds - some are climbers who have made vertical endeavours the focus of their lives, while others are professionals in non-sports related fields who climb when their schedules allow. We have a way of making things fun while maintaining the level of seriousness and professionalism to make our seminars worthwhile.

Why Climbing?

Climbing is a natural team-building activity. It is goal-oriented and requires cooperation, trust, and good communication skills. Our facilitators provide your organisation with activities that will enhance and change the way individuals view themselves, their coworkers, and the team as a whole. Briefing and debriefing exercises help reinforce what is learned.

Indoor climbing involves problem solving and anaerobic exercise. Climbing lends itself naturally to team-building since partners must depend upon each others cooperation and trust. It builds self-esteem and confidence, allowing participants to feel a sense of accomplishment by reaching a goal - often the top of a wall. Regardless of an individual's fitness level, participants will find routes they can climb.

Pricing and What's Included

These prices are for seminars run indoors at Wallnuts. They include climbing equipment, instruction and coffee service. Each participant will also receive a complimentary 7 day membership with rentals included which may be redeemed at any time.

2.5 hour session - $35.00 per person
3.5 hour session - $50.00 per person

Custom rates are available for large groups or for special circumstances.

Additional Services

Lunch - $15.00 per person (provided by Manna Bakery)
Outdoor Climbing - A great way for small groups (maximum 8) to get to know each other and discover the beauty of climbing in a breathtaking setting with our certified guide. Price varies dependant on group size and session duration.


To book, or for more information, please email us at or call 709-579-9255